January 2024 Molo Medical and Dental Missions Free Medical Camp of 8th – 12th, in Molo, Kenya

January 2024 Molo Medical and Dental Missions Free Medical Camp of 8th – 12th, in Molo, Kenya

Molo Medical and Dental Missions’ Free Medical Camp of January 8th to 12th 2024, was an absolute success! What joy it has been, watching the beautiful smiles of gratitude and hearing very moving stories from beneficiaries! Imagine having the quality of your life interfered with for years on end, over 10 years even, because you require surgery you cannot afford. Then having people suddenly telling you, they will do it for you. For free.

Imagine a horrible toothache that refuses to give you any peace whatsoever. Now imagine the relief of dental treatment, again, free of charge! That is exactly what the amazing Team of Molo Medical and Dental Missions from the USA has been up to at the St. Francis Moto Hope Dispensary, Molo.

The Free Medical and Dental Camp served over 250 patients. Some of them traveled longer than 7 hours to get to the facility. Over 250 patients received free medical consultations, 172 dental procedures were done, and 73 outpatient surgeries were performed. The impact of this camp goes beyond what the human eye can see. Lives were truly changed! Children, youth, and the elderly were all treated with so much care, love, compassion, and utmost professionalism by the passionately incredible visiting USA Team who worked beautifully with our wonderful Kenyan Teams.

We are beside ourselves with gratitude for truly, God’s wonders have been displayed by the generous works of the Molo Medical and Dental Missions who have generously shared their giftedness, their calling, and their love with those who need it the most! May God bless everyone who in their way made this Medical Camp a success!

Hearty gratitude to all Teams and especially to the visiting USA Teams of Mike Dorle, Mark Engelsgjerd, Jacque Angell, Rachael Olejniczak, Mel Hunt, Aleena Cusulos, Kylee Petrik, Jean Turk, Hailey Shell, Cindy McCormick, Tony Mueller, Dave Haley, Liz Vitagliano, Farrah Rowley, Shaun Rowley, Sally Nguyen, Bobbie Dorle, Lee Bjerke, Brenda Engelsgjerd and Rev. Fr Francis Kabiru. You are amazing!

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