Owing to the fact that healthcare has been turned into a commodity that is too expensive for the underprivileged despite it being a basic need, most of the country’s (Kenya) population will readily welcome  a free medical camp, more so in Molo where our target communities are poor and have little access to specialized care.

In an effort to reach out to the vulnerable in the community, regular medical camps are held quarterly by visiting American doctors at the Clinic in Molo. The camps are either general or for special programs such as Surgical and dental.

The Medical Mission Trips to Kenya program continues to have immediate and very long term impact for our rural and poor communities in Molo, Kenya.


1.  Minor Surgical Procedures

Visiting Surgeons from the USA perform minor surgical procedures, free of charge, on-site for most of the beneficiaries and at the government hospital in cases where our facility is unable to handle the nature of the procedure. In addition, free Evaluations, Consultations are done and referrals arranged for major surgeries.

2. Dental services

 Dental Teams from the USA are met by huge crowds of patients in dire need of dental services. They perform Extractions, PRS, gingival/cyst removals, root canal and evaluations.

3. Dermatology

The medical mission trips to Kenya in their minor surgical procedures perform surgical extractions of keloids, skin tags, skin cysts, lipoma, among other skin care procedures and treatment.

4. Free Drugs & Diagnostics Service

All the patients who come to our facility for the Medical Camp also receive Free Drugs and Free Diagnosis Services.