Molo Medical Missions was born out of the needs that were realized from a few mission trips of friends of Moto Hope to Molo village in Kenya. As the school population grew, a dire and urgent need for accessible, basic health care for the kids from the neighboring villages who attended the Academy as well as the staff arose.

Hence the Medical mission started off as a simple health facility with the school nurse offering basic health care to students. It then gradually opened up to serve and provide more medical attention to all sorts of health cases to women and the elderly from neighboring villages.

In September 2018, the first Medical Mission Trip to Kenya took place. A medical team from Minnesota who had been very impressed by the wonderful work of Moto Hope Mission in rural Kenya traveled all the way to Molo Kenya to offer free health services to all in need.

The three days free medical camp at the center gave specialized care, performed minor surgical procedures as well as general treatment, diagnosis and free drugs and in January 2019 another medical surgical and dental team held another Free Medical Camp in Molo, Kenya. The two were the beginning of at least two medical camps each year going forward.

It is the needs realized at these trips that led to the birth of Molo Medical Missions to focus specifically on this life changing missions to the people in these areas who need better and quality health care. It’s an amazing opportunity to reach out, share mutual gifts given to us by God bringing healing and great joy to all.