St. Francis Moto Hope Health Center is located 150 miles northwest of Nairobi in Kenya’s Molo (Moto) region at Moto Hope Academy and Center.

The  Health Center was started by Moto Hope Mission, in the year 2017 to meet the medical needs of the rural population neighboring it as well as students and staff at Moto Hope Academy.

Since then it has recorded a high influx of patients who view it as their quality and affordable health facility of choice. The clinic serves people from Moto village and 7 other villages in its environs with a population of over 30,000 people.

Fr. Francis Kabiru (Moto Hope Mission’s Founder) who grew up in Moto village understood the dire need for a health facility in the area to serve the people who would otherwise have to travel over 15km to the Sub-County Hospital in Molo town for medical care.

Most of these target communities are smallholder farmers of maize and potatoes, small-scale business people, casual laborers, and stone quarry workers.

They largely live from hand to mouth and most can barely afford quality health care at the government hospital or other private health facilities.

He envisioned a facility that would serve as a home for the sick in this less privileged setting to receive care, love, and hope; a place to witness Christ through healing and good health.

From 2017 to date, the facility has attended to 26,056 medical cases mostly of patients from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, children, youth, and the elderly.

 Statistics(Our Impact)

Since opening its doors to patients, St. Francis Moto Hope Health Clinic has handled 21,750 medical cases:

Outpatient served
Reached through deworming
Students served
Medical camp beneficiaries
Children immunized
Surgical procedures
Maternal and child health served
Dental care and Procedures

Our Services

1. Outpatient services

Our experienced physicians see patients as walk-in visits as well as on an appointment basis. Their expertise in primary care has seen us serve over 7,073 people since inception as well as over 1,962 cases from our student population at the center.

2. Immunization services

We provide internationally recommended vaccines for both pediatric and adult residents of Molo. The Clinic works closely with the county government medical ministry to stock recommended vaccines.

3. Pediatric Services

We provide pediatric services for “well child”, checkups, and care for sick children.

4. Laboratory services

Our on-site laboratory performs routine tests including stool examination, blood counts, urinalysis, chemistry panel, pregnancy test, and HIV testing among others.

 5. Pharmaceutical Services

Our Facility continues to provide patients with quality, efficient, and professional pharmaceutical services.

6. Medical outreach services

Our outreach services are intended to reach the elderly, children, youth, and teenagers as well as pre and postnatal mothers who in most instances are not in a position to reach the facility.

Growing Need

The number of patients has over the years grown as more of them are served on a daily basis. There is a great and urgent need to expand and equip the facility to efficiently serve all in need of medical attention in the target communities and beyond.

1. Outpatient

  • Dental services unit to be able to offer a full range of dental services for adults and children.
  • Improved laboratory.
  • Fully stocked pharmacy.
  • Specialized Units

2. Inpatient Services

  • Hospital Wards, both general and private to enable us to accommodate all types of patients.

3. Operating Theatre

  • So as to have an operating room that is adequately equipped to handle major and minor operations.